Movin in with the one you love



There is no such thing as “the right time” to move in with someone. If you plan on doing this, you better brace yourself, because life is about to happen.

There are many ways to explain what happens/what should happen (pros and cons lists, before and after situations etc.) I believe giving someone a real experience story is the best way.

I decided to stay in the same city during summer and to look for a job. Things aren’t that easy living in the capital during summer. Not everybody affords spending that much money on rent in a big city. So I made my boyfriend an offer that he was not afraid to refuse: living together so we could split the bill. He was not excited about this as I was, believe me. Although we spend 99% of the time together, moving in means more than just sleeping over. Of course, you do all the same things you used to, only this time you don’t keep your clothes in a backpack, you ask for your own drawer; you don’t go at your place to take a shower, you do it there (sometimes together); somehow you are not ashamed any more of doing things that you normally did when you were alone. And every little thing affects your relationship. Especially if we’re talking about a one bedroom place.

But after having my boyfriend seeing only the bad in this situation, I started looking for the good side. And I made a list:

  • I love waking up next to the man I love every morning.
  • I love making love with him whenever I want, or just to tease him.
  • I love cooking for him and not having to wait for him to get to my place to eat.
  • I love showering together.
  • I love not having enough space in bed in the hot nights.
  • I love the way he wakes me up everytime he snores.
  • I love how he gave me a full closet to put my stuff into.
  • But most of all, I love just being around him all the time, kissing him goodnight and sleeping happily in his arms all night. It’s like he’s protecting my dreams. My guardian angel.


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